About Us

You. You're the reason we created our products because......

  • You deserve to have a product that helps you share your wildest thoughts.
  • You deserve the freedom to channel your creativity into something that makes you, and those around you smile and laugh.
  • You deserve to celebrate all of life's little, and big, milestones. Enjoy the Now, because life is short.  
  • 1066-YourStore understands that not everyone has time to shop at physical locations and we purposely offer you, our customer, the best deals for the best prices online and right to your door.
  • At the end of the day, this is all about you and your wins, your celebrations, dreams and your freedom of expression.
  • All we do is help encourage you to get out there with fashionable, yet affordable apparel designs.
  • We guarantee satisfaction with our products.
  • For help or questions please email:- info@1066-youronlinestore.com  You can also try calling +44(0)23 9226 2758 which we only answer a few hours a day, or leave a voice mail, but email is best.
  • Thank you

John Beer 


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