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    To be involved with all things” dog” gives us a real buzz.  Most breeds do and there are favorites obviously.  Do you lose your heart to some, and less so to others? 



    A design that imparts vibrance will always appeal.    Our dog images are on a wide range of our clothing and accessories.   We aim to both please you and the person you have bought for.  (Now there’s an idea.) 

    As a new company we are open to your thoughts.  

    Creating items is our favorite activity and ideas are always welcome at  info@1066-youronlinestore.com   

    It would take forever and a day to feature all the breeds so for now we are concentrating on the most popular ones and as time goes by we will expand the choices.  Drop by again soon to see how we’re getting on.

    We love dogs and much to our joy they seem to like us!

      When we think of our “best friend” we rarely have time to be introspective because they draw us out of ourselves.  Their love is unconditional.

          So where on earth does 1066 come from? 

        • In the year 1066 a chap called Henri Bosville crossed the English Channel from France to England, and, basically was part of the victorious invading army. (Battle of Hastings 1066)
        • Henri Bosville was a great success as a leader of soldiers and was rewarded by King William with a large parcel of land and a title. While I have none of the wealth or a title (!) Bosville was indeed my 26x great grandfather.
        • Down the years the name became Boswell and although it is not my surname, it is my third name.   When I pass on, the name will disappear, so what better timing than to use it now!

        Dogs are intelligent, with some breeds more so than others.   With training they are capable of some really remarkable activities to help us humans.

        There are a number of worthwhile dog charities and the one we support is Canine Partners.  We went to their training centre to see the dog skills being developed.   What we saw was remarkable, and humbling!

        I'm impressed by dogs, and I guess you are too. The more I read, write and talk about them the greater my admiration.    

        Thanks for reading and enjoy your purchase.

        John Beer






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